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Busy? No time to move? Traditional workouts feel boring?
In search of joy, a sense of flow, the freedom of movement, and fluidity, while boosting your health, increasing strength and mobility?

Welcome to Lacin Keles Movement

I’m here to help you create space and time for feel-good movement with playful exercises so you’ll move freely, feel nourished and joyful every day as you become Radiantly You!

Are You Constantly Under Pressure To Workout? Stop Forcing Yourself and Find Joy In Moving Everyday With My:

7-Day Movement Challenge

Don’t take the word “challenge” seriously! This is not your typical fitness challenge! It’s playful and nourishing.

Want to make movement a daily habit for a long time but can’t stick to your regular exercise routine. It feels like an obligation than a joyful practice. Does it sound like you?What if I told you there are fun and playful ways to stay active everyday? Let’s move away from the traditional exercises! Join me redefining daily movement practice so it becomes a nurturing part of your life that you look forward to every day.I invite you to fall in love with your daily movement practice and find the motivation to move beyond this 7-Day Movement Challenge.

I'm here to help you with...

I’ve guided hundreds of women through their transformative movement based journey. My unique approach to movement and human body not only benefits your physical body but also nourishes your mind, emotions, and spirit. As we say in Turkey: “Nerede hareket, orada bereket.”

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Join me for *Coffee & Movement​

Ready to shake off morning stiffness? Grab my **super mini Wake Up My Body routine. You'll be loosened up until your coffee is ready. It's completely FREE!
* Not a coffee person? Pick your favorite warm drink!
** Don't worry, video is full size. But I'm very small and it won't take long at all!

How we move shapes us
Be Radiantly You

Movement is more than exercise. Movement is our first language. 
Movement is any way you purposefully and joyfully experience your body. 
Lacin Keles Movement programs are not just your typical exercise programs. Here’s why:

Personal Uniqueness

There's only one of you in this world with your body, background, and skills. You are unique! So the way you move is unique, too! That’s why in my movement programs, you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll receive a movement practice that’s exactly what you and your body is craving for!

Playful Movements and Mental Blocks

My programs go beyond movement, they're about overcoming mental blocks that might be holding you back. We’ll explore playful and joyful ways of moving, wiggling, spiraling that’ll help you break free from any limiting beliefs of your body and ability. It’s time to let go of stiffness and seriousness. It’s time to have fun!

Sensuality and Feminine Body

Sensuality is often confused by sexuality, however, when we talk about sensuality or sensuous body, we refer to cultivating our sensory awareness through movement. We refer to the pleasures of our bodies’ entire sensory experiences. It’s about the body and pleasure and five senses. My movement programs will help you reconnect with your sensuality and rediscover your feminine body. Through movement, you’ll embrace your unique expression of femininity.

Ease and Flow Ease and Flow

You’ll not just incorporate movement to your daily life, but find that beautiful state of ease and flow. Through my somatic approach, we’ll explore ways to release tension, tap into your emotional body, and move with grace.

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    Hey! I'm Lacin (La-chin) 

    I’m glad you’re here.
    I’m a movement coach, teacher, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping you move with ease, joy, and flow every day.
    Daily exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Your movement routine doesn’t have to be complicated.

    I’m here to help you find out what works for you and make movement a joyful part of your daily life.

    I have a Master of Fine Arts in Dance: Creative Practice with an emphasis of somatic movements, and—just to spice things up—I also hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering. One can say that I’m blending the mechanics of the human body with the playfulness of the soul! My movement approach is, of course, science-based but also emotionally, physically, and spiritually nurturing.

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